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Spring is here!

Hello Beautiful People, 

      Spring is in full flow here on the island and we are busy at Mandala completing everything and getting all the finishing touches in place for a new season. 

     Ben and I actually started our journey to Corfu this time last year  (4th March) and it is incredible to see the changes both in Villa Mandala and within Ben and I. We arrived here excited... but more then a little scared and now almost a full year on life looks very different.

   We have learned a fair amount about how life works here, our business has taken off and we have made soo many incredible friends.  It no longer feels like everything is Shiva energy (endings) and Brahma energy (beginnings).... OK there is still a lot of that!  But there is also a little Vishnu energy (maintenance)  to balance things out now. 

   We have found stability in our yoga routine, in our lunches in the afternoon sunshine, in our dog walks at the beach, and in the flow we have found here at Mandala. We are grateful and relieved to have some bookings in the diary for the year ahead and we are confident that we made the best possible move to come here. 

  The biggest difference between now and last year is that now we are the other side of the gamble! We had no idea how things would turn out and now we can look back and see how it all went down. We are grateful and take stability from the fact that our gamble paid off. 

   We now know for sure that dreams can come true- when the time is right, and we take great comfort in our second year here knowing that we will indeed survive here...  In fact with the warm weather and the beauty of this amazing island it feels much more like thriving!

  The spring energy is helping me to asses the new beginnings that lie ahead. I have been trying to find little windows of time to get clarity on what I want. 

   I will share the questions I have been looking at with you- in case you also find them helpful!

  1. What do I want to let go of after the winter?

  2. What do I want to invite into my life this spring and this year ahead? 

  3.What can I clear and clean in my home?
  4.What can I clear and clean in my business/ work life?

  5. What can I do to refresh/re-charge/enjoy my relationships with others?

  6. What can I do to refresh/re-charge/enjoy my relationships with myself?
  7. How can I support/nourish/detoxify my body?

  8. What am I grateful for this spring?

  In addition to this enquiry I have been trying to get out into the sunshine and spend time in nature as much as possible.  All of this is definitely helping to bring some balance around all the work!
  I hope that wherever you are, reading this that you are beginning to get that spring feeling, 

      Big love from Mandala! 

          :) s


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