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Summer of Love!

I have more to say then I could possibly recount in a simple blog post so this is a tricky one! I shall attempt to keep it brief and to keep my updates more frequent over the winter... I'm not promising anything though!

   Wow- what a year. The summer flew past in a sunny whirlwind of activity. Ben and I both feel like we fell on our feet so many times since moving here. In short we took a massive risk, leaving our beloved boat, our amazing community of friends and family, our beautiful jobs and lives in Hampton for a mad, somewhat out of the blue and decidedly risky plan to move to Corfu, start work on a house that we didn't even own and try to integrate our selves in to new work and social lives.

  All I can say is that the risks all paid off- a million times over. We bought the house of our dreams and many friends old and new stayed with us this summer. We have met people from all over the world and shared our house with artists, T.V presenters, healers, actors, social workers, yoga teachers and even  toy manufacturers! We have gathered here with friends for amazing films, many many yoga sessions and hosted people as they journey through retreats and healed themselves mind, body and spirit.., or just explored the island and beaches.

 We have fallen in to an incredible community and have experienced so much love and support that some people we have only known for a few months now feel like family.
   We have been invited to more parties then we could attend and shared much food and many laughs with interesting and open minded people both from the Greek traditional community in the village to the hippys of Arillas.

  We have begun the transformation on this amazing house and we are excited to reveal more and more of its beauty and its vast limitless potential as a place to have fun, relax and share good times with great people.

   We have adopted our beloved Gaia- the sweetest dog in the world and light of our lives (in addition of course to our beautiful Shanti that we brought from England with us.) And the dogs adopted Donny Hathaway, possibly the happiest creature I have ever known and devout lover of feta cheese and belly rubs.

   It has of course had its tough moments... things do not function here in the same logical and organised way as they did in England (massive understatement!!).  I had to learn to drive a manual car again after many years of never doing it, so all of Corfu is now a little bit more dangerous each time I take the wheel!   At points Ben and I had weeks and weeks of never being alone. It felt like spiritual boot-camp and I observed many patterns, limitations, boundaries and stories unfolding in me, witnessed and triggered by the others around me who showed me time and time again my own mind and ego battling with 'what is' and the bliss that I can always find within me when I stop trying to control everything!!

    We have fallen in love with this island. The natural beauty still catches me off guard, even on simple errands like heading to the supermarket or going for a quick swim in the sea. We are supremely grateful for what life has given us, and are trying everyday to soak it all in and not take any of it for granted. This summer has been a beautiful dream and with deep gratitude in my heart I look forward to all that lies ahead and finding new ways to share this joy with any who cross my path.


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